Clark County Highway Department

OUR CURRENT OFFICE HOURS:  Monday - Thursday  6:30 AM - 4:30 PM

Department Information 

The Clark County Highway Department employs 29 full time employees. The Highway Department is responsible for the maintenance and construction of 300 miles of County Trunk Highways and responsible for the maintenance of approximately 225 miles of state and U.S. highways. The Highway Department's administrative office is located in Neillsville. 

The department has maintenance facilities in Neillsville, Loyal, and Owen, WI. Wisconsin is unique to all 49 other states because it does not own or operate one single highway maintenance truck or piece of highway maintenance equipment. The county's Highway Department, in which any state highway or U.S. highway is located, is responsible for the maintenance of that particular highway. 

If you have any questions related to the Highway Department please contact Brian Duell, Clark County Highway Commissioner.

Mission Statement 
It is the mission of the Highway Department to provide maintenance and construction on approximately 600 lane miles of County Trunk Highway and 450 lane miles of State Trunk Highway. Our goal is to provide the best possible service, with the funding available, for the 33,000 residents of Clark County and the other motoring public passing through or visiting Clark County. 
801 Clay Street  |  Neillsville, WI  54456  |  Ph: (715) 743-3680  |  Brian Duell Highway Commissioner  Email