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Patrol Division


Emergency, Life Threatening, & Crimes in Progress - 911

Non Emergency (715) 743-3157  |  Toll Free (800) 743-2420



The Clark County Sheriff's Office Detective Division is comprised of one captain who oversees four detectives and one drug investigator. Detectives within the division have specialized training and assignments in the areas of internet crimes against children, sensitive crimes, arson investigations and property/evidence room management. In addition all the detectives have training in homicides, death investigations, sexual assault, child abuse, burglary, and theft investigation.  Detectives also assist the patrol division with initial investigations and major traffic crashes. The drug investigator has the primary responsibility to target drug distribution and production within Clark County. The drug investigator is also assigned to the West Central Drug Task Force in Eau Claire WI.


Each of the detectives attends one to two weeks of specialized training per year as it relates to criminal investigation. Detectives are also a resource for the patrol division when they need guidance on how to proceed with their cases. Detectives are also responsible to provide schools and citizen groups within Clark County presentations on internet safety, educating the community on current drug issues, providing information to parents on how to keep their children safe, and providing information to the elderly on safety issues and scams that target their age group.


The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Patrol division consists of 19 patrol deputies.  Of those 19, we have four (4) shift sergeants, two (2) recreational deputies, one (1) K9 deputy, one (1) courthouse security deputy and one (1) school resource deputy.  We have four (4) rotational 12 hour shifts that follow the 2-3-2 rotation.  These deputies provide patrol services 24 hours a day/365 days a year.  These services include coverage of 1,219 square miles of road, including US, State, County, and local roadways.  The patrol division provides 24-hour coverage for all municipalities that do not have law enforcement services, as well as assisting agencies that do have coverage.


Clark County consists of seven (7) cities, five (5) villages, 33 townships, and 23 unincorporated communities.  The population of the county is 33,557.


The Sheriff’s Office is responsible for enforcing state and local laws and all motor vehicle laws.  They respond to and investigate motor vehicle crashes, all criminal activity reported and observed, including, but not limited to, domestic violence, disturbance, death, burglary, theft, damage to property, weapons, sexual assault, other assaults, fires, mental illness, missing/runaway persons, motor vehicle thefts, narcotics, rescue, robbery, suspicious circumstances, suspicious persons, trespassing, wanted persons, 911 calls, and alarms.


The Clark County Sheriff’s Office Communications Center is staffed by 12 full-time deputies.  Our full-time staff has a broad range of experience which spans from 2 months to 22 years.  Due to the continued misunderstanding of this profession, it has been a very long process to find qualified applicants to fill our open positions.  Wisconsin is included amongst many other states who do not require any mandated minimum training standards to become a 911 operator. 

Clark County’s 34 townships and 15 cities/villages rests at the hands of our committed and highly trained Communications Deputies 24 hours a day, 365 days per year.  They are the central nervous system of the county, keeping the flow of communication open between the fine citizens our county and the emergent and non-emergent service we are able to provide.  Our resources stem from the following agencies/departments:

  • Sheriff’s Office

  • Clark County Jail

  • 8 Police Departments

  • 17 emergency medical services

  • 14 fire services

  • State Patrol

  • Department of Natural Resources


Each call that comes into our Communications Center is evaluated and logged into our CAD System using specific call types.  Communications Deputies analyzes the call and gathers all the appropriate information necessary to determine what resources will be needed.  From there it is prioritized based on urgency and dispersed to the appropriate jurisdiction.

Clark County Sheriff's Office  |  517 Court St, Room 308   |  Neillsville, WI  54456

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