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If you wish to obtain a copy of an accident/incident report, please submit a written request via email, fax, or mail.  Please include your name, date of the accident/incident and incident number. Fill out the Records Request form and either email, fax, or mail us the form. 

Clark County Sheriff’s Office

Attention: Records 

517 Court Street, Room 308 

Neillsville, WI 54456 

Records Fees

There is currently no charge for records sent via email or fax.


If you are requesting records sent via mail or in person the cost is as follows:

  •    $    .25 per page for black and white​

  •    $  1.00 per page for color 

  •    $10.00 for a CD (Audio/Video/Photos)  


Cash or checks accepted ONLY.  Checks made payable to: Clark County Sheriff's Office. 



Any important or Rush civil process paperwork, such as TRO's, that will be 

faxed AFTER 4 PM, please call 715-743-5354 or 715-743-3157

to ensure it will be served in a timely manner. 

When requesting civil process service in Clark County, please include the following:

  • Cover Letter 


  • Self-addressed stamped envelope

  • Two (2) copies of the paperwork to be served

  • Prepayment Check

    • Make checks payable to: Clark County Sheriff's Office

In most circumstances we require an up-front payment of $150. This payment should be sent with your initial paperwork.

The fees included in the up-front payment towards the Service are as followed: 

  • $60 for each service attempt (up to 3 attempts)

  • $18 for service to additional party if:

    • at the same address

    • involving the same case

    • served at the same time as original service

  • 55¢ per mile (current county rate) -Effective 8/17/2022

    • mileage fee charged on actual service, not attempts​​

  • $60 Rush Fee

    • Service required within five (5) business days 

Your "Certificate of Service" will be held until your invoice payment is received. 

   Please mail the above information to: 
      Clark County Sheriff's Office
     Attention: Civil Process 

     517 Court Street, Room 308 
illsville, WI 54456 


     Fax: 715-743-4350

For process service to an inmate in our jail, please include $60.00 with the papers to be served.  This includes child support papers. 


PLEASE NOTE: Overpayments will not be refunded if under $20. 

Any additional fees for attempted service will be billed.

If you have any questions regarding the process or rates for this service, please contact the Civil Process Clerk at  715-743-5354.

Civil Process


A soliciting permit is required for every person selling memberships in Clark County for a company.  Each applicant applying for a soliciting permit must appear in person to the Clark County Sheriff's Office during courthouse working hours (Monday through Friday, 8 AM to 4:30 PM) with the following:

  • completed soliciting ordinance permit application

  • $5 fee per permit (payment should be made payable to: Clark County Sheriff's Office)

  • applicant's driver's license


Once the above information is received from the applicant, the office will run all the necessary background checks to see if the permit will be granted.   

Click HERE to retrieve the Clark County Soliciting Ordinance Permit Application. 

If you have any questions, please call the Records Clerk at 715-743-5355.

Soliciting & Permits



The goal of SafetyNet is to save lives — by locating missing persons who suffer from Alzheimer’s, Autism, or persons with Developmental Disabilities or other high risk wanderers. SafetyNet has a proven record in over 1,900 searches nationally. It is a reliable, effective tool for locating individuals. It offers peace of mind to caregivers. 

To learn more about the organization, click the link below:


How it Works

Individuals enrolled in the program wear a personalized wristband that emits a silent tracking signal every second, 24 hours a day. When caregivers notify Law Enforcement that the person is missing, the Sheriff’s Office specially trained officers respond and search using a mobile tracking system. The average search and rescue time is less than 30 minutes. 



  • Must be a Clark County resident AND

  • Have a diagnosed condition with a history of wandering



The following three steps are taken for enrollment:

  • An initial assessment is done to determine eligibility

  • Once approved, a trained staff member will place the bracelet on the person

  • Staff will make monthly visits to ensure the equipment is working properly

To enroll or for more information, contact the Aging & Disability Resource Center toll free at 866-578-2372 or 715-743-5166. 


Other Information

Cost: The monthly fee is $30.  Assistance may be available to help with the cost.
Start Up Fee: The start up fee will be paid for by SafetyNet of Clark County.
Funding: Funding was provided for SafetyNet through donations from various community organizations.

  • Clark County Emergency Services Association

  • County Aging & Disability Resource Centers

Citizen Complaints


To file a complaint against an employee of the Clark County Sheriff's Office, please complete the Citizen Complaint of Police Action form below. 


Citizen Complaint of Police Action Form 


Once completed, please turn into the Sheriff's Office Administrative Window, Room 308 of the Clark County Courthouse or email the completed form to Chief Deputy Hirsch at



Citizen Complaints

Clark County Sheriff's Office  |  517 Court St, Room 308   |  Neillsville, WI  54456

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