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Conservation Engineering and Cost-Share Programs

The Clark County Land Conservation Department (LCD) employs one Conservation Engineer who provides planning, designing, and construction oversight for landowners undertaking conservation projects with county cost-share assistance.

Cost-share assistance is offered for projects that address a problem with soil or water resources in our county such as:

  • Grassed waterways - to prevent erosion from rainwater runoff

  • Waste storage closure - to protect groundwater from contamination from old waste storages

  • Well decommissioning - to close old wells to protect possible contamination to groundwater

  • Wetland development or restoration - to increase the healthy wetlands in the county, which slow runoff, filter soil sediment from surface water, protect infrastructure, etc.

  • Waste storage - for farms with limited access to land during wet/frozen times of the year

  • Barnyard runoff control - to prevent manure runoff into streams and wetlands

  • Livestock fencing, trails, and watering facilities - for grazing systems


See the entire list and read about the process for completing projects with cost-share funds.

Waste Storage Facilities

The Conservation Engineer reviews all Animal Manure Management Ordinance (MSMO) permit application construction plans to ensure they comply with standards, specifications, and the ordinance.  See link to the AMMO booklet.  Usually the landowner must hire a private engineer to plan, design, and inspect a waste storage facility project.  In order to verify that construction is being completed to the requirements noted by the private engineer, the conservation engineer does random site visits during the construction of manure storages.

Closing Old Waste Storage Facilities


The LCD Conservation Engineer will provide planning, designing, permit application, and construction oversight for closing old waste storage facilities. Cost-share is available for these projects.

Please call our office to discuss your conservation needs at (715) 743-5102.

For additional information on Soil and Water Resource Management go to the Wisconsin State Legislature website: Click here...

517 Court St, Room 102   |  Neillsville, WI 54456  |  Ph: (715) 743-5102 Fax: (715) 743-5108

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