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Rent a No-Till Drill

The Land Conservation Department has a 10' Great Plains No-till drill it rents out.

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Great Plains 1006 NT

Rental Rates

$75 per use + $8 per acre

$100 minimum

Call today and we can talk about how no-tilling crops can benefit your bottom line, soil health, and protect our precious waters of the county. 

(715) 743-5102

Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Land Conservation Department to promote and assist in wise land use decisions that preserve, protect, and enhance the natural resources of Clark County.

The complete waste storage ordinance can be found in the Code of Ordinances Chapter 13: Water and Soil Conservation under “Government".

View Recently Approved Changes to Chapter 13 Here.

You need a permit from our department to:

  • close an old manure storage (cost-share funds available with free engineering from Land Conservation Department.)

  • change an existing manure storage

  • build a new manure storage

    • ​Includes adding a transfer system meaning any component used to convey wastes to storage, loading area or treatment area; feed pad leachate collection systems; milking center wastewater
      systems; bedded pack barns that leave wastes on the floor for more than 180 days; compost pile surfaces, etc. See details in Section 13-11

Click here to view our fee schedule.

Use the planned/proposed animal units number for the calculation

If you have a manure storage that had a permit on 05/18/1999 and after, you are required to have and implement a Nutrient Management Plan (call us for assistance and for cost-share funds). As a reminder, all Nutrient Management Plans are due April 1st of each year. NMP's received after April 1 may be subject to a citation. 

We have cost-share funds available for these and other practices:

  • Well decommissioning (water wells not being used must be properly closed per DNR regulations)

  • Waste storage closures

  • Grassed Waterways

  • Stream Crossings

  • Wetland Ponds/Restorations

517 Court St, Room 102   |  Neillsville, WI 54456  |  Ph: (715) 743-5102 Fax: (715) 743-5108
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