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Additional Resources and Information

2017 - 2026 Cost-Share Rates and Maximum Payments

Conservation Reserve Enhancement Program

  • CREP is a resource to help farmers meet their conservation goals, particularly those who till or graze land along rivers and streams. 


Manure  Storage Management Ordinance 

  • Best management practices or BMPs means structural or nonstructural measures, practices, techniques or devices employed to avoid or minimize soil, sediment or pollutants carried in runoff to water of the state.


Manure Storage Information Booklet

  • The Land Conservation Department works cooperatively with the Wisconsin Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection and the Department of Natural Resources to provide cost-share funding for a number of conservation practices that will help enhance our land and water resources.

  • Manure Storage Application


Farmland Preservation Plan 

  • Clark County began the process of updating its Farmland Preservation Plan at the first Farmland Preservation Plan Committee meeting on January 30, 2017. This meeting included presentations on the existing conditions in the County, gathering background information, addressing issues and opportunities, and a visioning exercise.

Invasive Species 

  • Invasive plants, animals and pests are taking a toll on Wisconsin's lakes, rivers and landscapes. The DNR is working with citizens and partners to slow the spread of invasive species. Through educational outreach, strategic planning and active management we are protecting our environment and economy from invasives.

The Trash One Person Produces in One Year

Revolution Plastics

Being Salt Wise This Winter

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