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ATV/UTV Recreation in Clark County

Clark and Jackson Summer Map 2016_201901

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Please remember that only street legal motorcycles, driven by licensed drivers are allowed on the ATV/UTV trail system. Non-street legal motorcycles are not allowed on the ATV/UTV trail system and may only be ridden on the Knobby Ridge Motorcycle Trails.

More than 135 miles of spring, summer, and fall ATV/UTV trails and routes wind and loop through the nearly 135,000 acre Clark County forest. Additional winter mileage is available, please refer to map for more information (ATV only, UTV's are not allowed on the trail system during the winter). Convenient trail access is located throughout the county forest. Trail amenities include parking lots, loading ramps, day use areas, fuel, and food. In addition, our ATV trails offer access to five county campgrounds. 



ATV / UTV Trails -OPEN w/ section closure

Due to excessive rain and washouts as well as the additional forecast rain, the trail heading north out of Snyder County Park is closed until further notice. This includes the trail from Snyder Park, north to intersection 9A and from Sterling Ave, west to intersection 9. Please plan an alternate route. MAP

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Please use extreme caution on trails where large puddles could form and erosion could be taking place.

TEMPORIARLY back open. Construction will resume sometime this summer. In the Town of Hewett, Bruce Mound Avenue between CTH B and intersection 5 is under construction and closed.  The alternate route will be on CTH B to intersection 6.


Please use extreme caution as some trails may have debris and narrower trails form downed trees, especially in the central portion of the county forest trail system between Timber Lane Forest Rd and Hwy 10. Trails are rough and there continues to be active logging and trucks hauling. Riders are reminded to stay on the trail, obey all signs and laws, and to please ride responsibly.   


From intersection 8 to the south is permanently closed for ATV/UTV traffic.  


Riders are reminded to stay on the trail, obey all signs, and to please ride responsibly 

REMINDER: Forestry & Parks does not open and close town roads. Riders are responsible for contacting townships to verify status.

Updated: 6/7/2024 


November 1 - December 14 

March 16 - May 14


May 15 - October 31

December 15 - March 15  

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Clark County urges everyone to abide by state and county regulations. ATV travel is only allowed on the designated ATV Trails and ATV Routes. 

Only street legal motorcycles, driven by licensed operators, are allowed on the ATV trail system. Non-street legal motorcycles may only operate on the designated Knobby Ridge off road motorcycle trails. 

For information regarding licensing of ATVs in Wisconsin and state specific rules and regulations concerning ATV use, please contact the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources office at (888) 936-7463. Or see the  Jackson County ATV Trails website. Thank you and safe riding!

Wild Fire Prevention
We would like to remind riders that ATV's are a possible ignition source for wild fires.  Please follow all state regulations, including spark arrestors. Please click the following to see how else you can help prevent wild fires while operating your ATV/UTV.

For Clark County map click here to download. 

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