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Clark County Fair Exhibitor Information

Welcome potential exhibitors! Clark County, WI utilizes Blue Ribbon Fair Online for submissions. To help you get started we have created some resources. 

Getting Started

2024 Fair Book

Blue Ribbon Instructions

Wisconsin Influenza A Requirements

Click the button below to begin create an account and submit your work to the Clark County Fair!

Clark County Agricultural Society

May 6, 2024

Hello Everyone,
Blue Ribbon entry is now open for the Clark County Fair!

Please get your entries in by July 1st.

If you are having problems or find errors, please contact Kathy Nigon at She is the fair entry administrator.

Fair entry can be found on the Clark County Fairboard’s website under “Exhibitor Information”. There you will find the link to Blue Ribbon and helpful “how to” instructions.


4-H, FFA and other approved club members – You will need to contact your club/chapter leader if you are bringing any animals to the fair. Your leader has Member and Animal Summaries to fill out and Stalling Reservation Forms for the club/chapter that will have to be turned in for species superintendents to use for barn layouts. If your leader does not know you need pens/stalls, you might not have a spot for your animal.

As Kathy works through kinks in the system, keep in mind:

  1. Before submitting entries go to “Review Entries”. This is where you double check your entries and request pens/stalls for your animals.

  2. Dairy, Beef, Swine, Sheep, Goats, Horses are $3.00 per animal (not per pen).

  3. Rabbits and Poultry are $1.50 per animal.

  4. Junior fair has a $5.00 entry fee per exhibitor, Open Class is $10.00 per exhibitor, Senior Class $5.00 per exhibitor. If you are showing Junior and Open Class it will be $5.00 for your Junior profile and $10.00 for your Open Class profile for a total of $15.00. (You need separate profiles).

  5. Double check your entries and send a copy of your invoice to your club/chapter leader with any payments due ASAP. Your leaders have to turn everything in by July 6th!

  6. If the fair book and Blue Ribbon do not match….. Assume Blue Ribbon is correct! There might be mistakes in the printed fair book. We will update the online copy as we find the errors


Finally, the current plan is to print tags between July 5th and 10th.

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