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Environmental Health Concerns

Contact the Environmental Health team to report health ordinance violations.

Food Safety
Information about food safety in your home or business.
Foodborne and Waterborne Illness 
Feeling sick? Report it quick! Let us know if you think food or water has recently made you sick by filling out a form that asks questions about: Your symptoms, places you have recently visited, and the food you have eaten in the last few days. Click the heading to fill out the survey. Click here for more information!

Inspections & Licensing
Inspections, permits, and regulations for food service and other health-relevant establishments.

Addressing harmful lead levels in our environment, and responding to elevated lead blood level cases in community members.

Pests, Ticks & Nuisances
Information on bedbugs, ticks, pests, and other health risk nuisances.

General information on radon and radon testing in your home.

Ground Water Safety
Striving to keep water (public and private) safe in Clark County. Different testing options may be available.

Beach Testing
The Health Department kicks off summer by beginning their beach monitoring program. They monitor local beaches for bacteria and harmful algae blooms throughout the summer, starting Memorial Day weekend, and ending Labor Day weekend. Beaches include, Mead Lake, Rock Dam, Lake Arbutus, and Sherwood Lake. 

Animal Bites
General information on animal bites, and how to handle them.

Dillon Brost 

Environmental Health Specialist II/Sanitarian

Work Cell: (715) 937-7097
Office Phone: (715) 743-5116

Paige Lindner

Environmental Health Specialist

Work Cell: (715) 937-1121
Office Phone: (715) 743-5112

To report a public health emergency or communicable disease after hours, please contact Clark County Dispatch at (715) 743-3157.

Our office is closed on significant holidays & days of recognition. Please click here for more information.  

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