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Overview or Child Support Video

Review and Modification 

Court Orders
​Review a court order for a change

Before an order is changed, it needs to be reviewed. A review is the process of checking a child support order to see if it needs updating. 

The review looks at two issues: 


  1. Does the dollar amount in the child support order follow the guidelines in the Child Support Percentage of Income Standard?

  2. Does the order include medical support?

For a review, both parents will be asked to provide current financial information. A notice about the results of the review will be mailed to both parents. 



Who reviews the order 

Who does the review depends on if: 

  • you get cash benefits from the W-2, SSI Caretaker Supplement, or Kinship Care program

  • you get case management services from your local Wisconsin child support agency

  • you just get financial services from the Wisconsin Child Support program

Reviewing and changing an order 

*Child support agencies do not charge for reviewing the order or for taking steps to change an order (for cases that get case management services). 

When a review will be, might be, or will not be done 

A review is done when:

  • A parent asks for a review, and the order has not been reviewed for three years.

  • A parent gets cash benefits for the children and:

    • the order has not been reviewed for three years, and

    • "Good Cause" has not been found or is not pending, or

    • the parent with Good Cause asks for a review

  • A court orders a review.

A review might be done when:

  • The last review was less than three years ago, but there has been a substantial change in circumstances.

A review would not be done when:

  • A parent has no legal duty to provide current support. For example, all children are emancipated, or the paying parent’s parental rights were terminated (ended).

  • "Good Cause" has been found or is pending for a parent who gets W-2 services or cash benefits. However, the parent with Good Cause may ask for a review.

  • The order is from another state, and that other state has jurisdiction (control) over the order.

  • The whereabouts of a parent are unknown.

  • The paying parent has voluntarily reduced his or her income.

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