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Judge and Gavel

Staffing/Treatment Team


The participant will be supervised and supported by the Recovery Court Team, which will consist of at least the following:

o    Circuit Court Judge
o    District Attorney/Assistant District Attorney
o    Public Defender
o    Probation Agent
o    Representative from Clark County Community Services Department (Treatment Provider)
o    Recovery Court Coordinator
o    Representative from Clark County Social Services Department
o    Law Enforcement Representative
o    Peer Support Provider
o    Others as identified by the team


The Recovery Court Team meets biweekly to discuss the progress of all program participants. The Recovery Court Team will formulate strategies to support and facilitate the progress of participants through the phases of the program and toward successful outcomes. These staffing sessions will offer an opportunity for information sharing and allow team members to hear perspectives on a program participant from multiple disciplines and point of views. These meetings lead to new and innovative strategies for addressing the supervision and treatment needs of participants. The Recovery Court Team will make recommendations to the Judge regarding the application of incentives to reward progress or the imposition of sanctions for noncompliant behavior based on the Recovery Court Behavior Response Guidelines. The Recovery Court Team also reviews the Recovery Court Admission Staffing Report for individuals determined to be program eligible and discusses the merits of the applicant(s) for admission to the program.

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