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Clark County Recovery Court is collaboratively designed and implemented by Clark County and JusticePoint

JusticePoint is an organization dedicated to the promotion of evidence-informed criminal justice programs, practices, and policies.  The commitment to evidence-informed practices is firmly rooted in the belief that criminal justice outcomes can be improved through the use of collaboration, engagement, and the scientific method.  Click for more....

The mission of the Clark County Recovery Court is to reduce recidivism and the social and economic costs of criminal activity through a judicially supervised, collaborative treatment and recovery program that is focused on participant accountability, empowering participants to achieve lifelong recovery from substance use disorder, and improving the lives of participants, their families, and the community.



History &

The Clark County Criminal Justice Coordinating Council (CJCC) was created via an ordinance passed by the Clark County Board of Supervisors March 2021 to improve the effectiveness and efficiencies of the local criminal justice system.

How Recovery
Court Works

The Clark County Recovery Court is designed to provide individuals the opportunity to address their substance use disorder and move beyond criminal behavior. It is a court-ordered program, with entrance occurring post plea/adjudication.

Planning & 
Oversight Team

The Recovery Court Planning and Oversight Team will work together to develop, implement, and maintain the Clark County Recovery Court. The Planning and Oversight Team is responsible for development and review of implementation and evaluation.

Staffing & Treatment

The Team meets biweekly to discuss the progress of all program participants. The Team will formulate strategies to support and facilitate the progress of participants through the phases of the program and toward successful outcomes.

Judge and Gavel


The Clark County Recovery Court has the following goals:

  1. Reduce recidivism rates for nonviolent offenders in the program and increase public safety.

  2. Reduce prison and jail populations by diverting nonviolent offenders to community-based interventions.

Clark County Recovery Court provides individuals the opportunity to change life circumstances and become alcohol and drug free.  This is accomplished by comprehensive assessment and treatment (chemical and mental health), intensive supervision, random drug and breath testing, regular court appearances and immediate sanctions and incentives.  Other components of the abstinence-based program include: assessment for participation in other programming such as cognitive learning groups and/or mental health interventions, required participation in community support groups, obtainment of employment or pursuit of education, participation in pro-social activities.  Honesty and individual accountability are at the foundation of the program.

Clark County Recovery Court Court fully integrates evidence-based practices in its delivery of services and works in collaboration with community providers for chemical health and ancillary services.  Cognitive behavioral programming and enhanced mental health services are inherent pieces of the program.  The program is a minimum of 14 months and is divided into five major phases.  Movement through phases is based on accomplishment of goals and requirements.  

By providing coordinated substance abuse interventions with judicial oversight, the likelihood of re-arrest for any offense decreases, resulting in safer communities and reduction in crime.

Recovery Court Coordinator  |  Phone: 715-743-6704  |   Fax: 715-743-5271  |  Email:

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