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Civil Engineer Surveying


Clark County Surveyor 

The Clark County Surveyor is responsible for carrying out the requirements of the county surveyor’s office as specified in Chapter 59 of the Wisconsin statutes and Clark County ordinance. 

The responsibilities include preserving the Public Land Survey System through the re-establishment, perpetuation, and maintenance of the physical and recorded evidence of the original government survey. The county surveyor is responsible for the remonumentation, maintenance, and protection of the 3,800 PLSS corners within the 1,224 square miles of Clark County and to file and index all public land survey records as well as survey notes and maps. 

Additional Duties

  • Answering questions and completing surveys for the county departments

  • Assist private surveyors with research and document retrieval

  • Assisting the highway department with plan development, inspection, staking, and material testing on construction projects

  • Assisting the zoning department with flood plain determination

  • Locating section lines used to determine road rights of way for municipalities

  • Review of certified survey maps and subdivision plats

Interactive Mapping 


PLSS documentation is available through the Clark County WebGuide Xtreme site.  To access this information, you will need to be on the Advanced Map, click on the Map View and change to Surveyor.  The site is now available without a subscription.
Section summaries and plats of survey are found through the sections, while tie sheets, photos and field notes are found through the section corners.  Click on the ID tool and then on the feature on the map.  The ID tool will bring up a small table that will allow you to follow the link to the documents available.

Contact Clark County Surveyor

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