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Land Info Contact
Surveyor Anchor

Derek Weyer

Zoning Administrator / Land Information Officer 

The Clark County Planning and Zoning section of the department administers three core elements consisting of Land Use, Land Information and County Surveyor. The Planning, Zoning and Land Information Administrator oversees Chapter 20 and 22 of the Clark County Code of Ordinances.

(715) 743-5130    or    Email

Malory Zickert

Assistant Zoning Administrator

The Assistant Zoning Administrator provides technical assistance and oversight to the Chapter 20 Private Onsite Wastewater Treatment System (POWTS) Ordinance. The specialist reviews and approves all sanitary permits and soil tests in the county for compliance.  The specialist is responsible for the field inspections of POWTS and provide on-site technical assistance and review of soil tests.  

(715) 743-5130    or    Email 

Wade Pettit

County  Surveyor

The Clark County Surveyor is responsible for the maintenance and remonumentation of the PLSS (Public Land Survey System) corner monuments within the county.  Responsibilities also include maintaining accurate and orderly survey records, conducting boundary and parcel surveys of county-owned land, reviewing Certified Survey Maps and provides guidance for accurate parcel mapping data.  

(715) 743-5130    or    Email 

Carrie Morrell 

GIS / Land Information  Coordinator 

The Clark County Land Information Coordinator maintains and upgrades the county land information and GIS (geographic information system).  The coordinator does data analysis and provides customized data and maps for other departments, county board, local municipalities, and the public. The GIS Coordinator provides technical assistance to other county departments and is responsible for keeping the GIS website up to date and is the database manager for Land Information.  

(715) 743-5130    or    Email

Cody Steines

Land Information Technician 

The Land Information Technician assists the County Surveyor with both maintenance and remonumentation of the PLSS corner monuments within the county.

(715) 743-5130    or    Email

Melissa Illbeck

Administrative Assistant 

The Administrative Assistant is a point of contact to questions received by the Planning, Zoning, and Land Information Department.  The assistant provides explanations, overview, and department contacts while tracking fees, permits, and schedules associated within the three departments.

(715) 743-5130    or    Email 

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