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Sheriffs call for Calm across the State of Wisconsin

Over the past couple of weeks, many Wisconsin residents were disappointed, shocked, and angered by either the national election results or the rioting in Washington D.C. at the Capitol.

As Sheriffs of the State of Wisconsin, our duties include maintaining peace and public order. We acknowledge many people in our communities feel frustrated and not heard in the most recent Presidential Election. While you may want to voice your concerns and be vocal about them, we as Sheriffs ask that you do so peacefully and respectfully. We understand that being a good citizen means being involved in the operations of our government. You can do this by running for office, contacting those elected to office, and, yes, even voicing your concerns through peaceful demonstrations as protected by the first amendment.

The Badger State Sheriffs’ Association (BSSA) is the Association of the 72 Wisconsin Sheriffs existing to support the Office of Sheriff. According to Sheriff Nate Dreckman, BSSA President, the BSSA is reaching out to each County Sheriff, asking them to respectfully request that in coming weeks and months that all citizens exercise their constitutional rights with discretion, care, and common sense in mind. While it is your right to carry and bear arms, doing so in a public fashion may lead to incidents that may likely bring scrutiny to your cause, which will draw attention away from the true cause you are there.

“Please remember that we, as law enforcement have a sworn duty to enforce the law. If you step outside of the law, there will be consequences; however, we will also protect everyone’s constitutional rights,” stated Sheriff Dreckman.

We will not tell you what to do, but be mindful that you may not know who you are standing next to during a protest. For that reason, you may want to stay home. Those persons may take actions that may put you in a difficult position. Law enforcement around our country is hopeful that no law enforcement action will be needed anywhere. We ask everyone to do their part to ensure that constitutional rights are protected, and it is done so in a peaceful and orderly way. Please don’t be the reason that your Sheriff needs to take action to maintain that peace and public order.

Wisconsin Sheriffs are committed to keeping the peace while serving and protecting their citizens and have good relations with their county residents. Sheriffs will take appropriate actions to keep their citizens informed when known criminal activity impacts their county or a threat to their safety is present.

As the formulation of plans for protests during this upcoming week and after continue, we ask that you use good judgment. Consider the repercussions of your actions before taking part; we only want you to be safe!

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