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Clark County Courthouse Security Plan and Single Point Entry Procedures & Tips

The purpose of the Courthouse screening and controlled access program is to prevent weapons from entering the Courthouse.

Sheriff Haines has been working closely with the Safety & Security Committee for the last year and he strongly believes a single point of entry is the best option instead of the current multiple public access points at the Courthouse. It is the Sheriff’s responsibility to ensure that anyone who visits the Clark County Courthouse is safe. Secured entry is a step in the right direction.

On September 21, 2021, the Clark County Sheriff will implement secured entry into the Clark County Courthouse at 517 Court Street in Neillsville, WI in an effort to enhance the safety of the public and employees.

The secured entrance and exit will be located at the Northwest first floor doors at the Courthouse along 6th Street. An entrance and exit for the handicapped and disabled only will be available at the South fifth floor doors at the Courthouse along 5th Street. The public will be allowed access using these entrances Monday – Friday from 7:30 AM to 4:30 PM.

In order to ensure that you have the quickest movement through the screening points, please take into consideration the following:

Try not to bring anything into the Courthouse that you don’t absolutely need. The more bags you bring in, the slower the screening process will go because the bags will have to be scanned or inspected.

Reduce the amount of metal that you have on your person. If you have metal objects on that can be easily removed, placing these objects into a clear bag until after you pass through screening may result in a quicker screening process.

Don’t bring anything on the prohibited items list into the Courthouse. The main concern is with weapons such as knives, aerosol weapons (pepper spray) and firearms.

Just like going through airport security, our security screening is all about keeping weapons out. So, all weapons (firearms, knives, tasers, martial arts weapons, chemical mace/pepper spray, batons, etc.) and items that could readily be used as a weapon will not be allowed in the Courthouse.

Give yourself a few extra minutes to park and get through security. The wait to get through security should take no longer than a minute or two. We want you to make it to your meeting, court hearing, or other appointments on time, so it’s best to give yourself extra time. Increased security is always inconvenient.

We owe it to all those who come to the Courthouse to provide them with a safe environment. The new measures strike the right balance by doing what we can to keep weapons out while continuing to offer the public full access to all the services the County provides. Exterior doors will be alarmed and available for emergency exit only. Signs will be posted notifying the public of access controls at the Courthouse.

Sheriff Scott Haines

Clark County Sheriff Office

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