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Communicable Diseases

Wisconsin DHS Health Alert Network (HAN)

When an event threatens the health of Wisconsinites, fast, efficient, and reliable communication to those responding to the event can prevent illness and save lives.

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Outbreaks in Wisconsin

Click here for a list of selected outbreaks, recalls, and investigations with wide impact in Wisconsin.

CDC Health Alert Network (HAN)

CDC's HAN is a strong national program that provides vital health information and the infrastructure to support dissemination at state and local levels.

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Wisconsin Epi Express

The Wisconsin Epi Express (WEE) is a periodic update on communicable disease issues. 

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Where else can I get vaccinated?
Find a COVID-19 vaccine near you! Click here

For a COVID-19 vaccine appointment, please call (715) 743-5292.

What COVID-19 vaccines am I due for? (Click Below) 
Stay Up to Date with Your Vaccines

What COVID-19 Vaccines Are You Due For?

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Press Release: DHS Details End of Emergency COVID-19 Response: The federal government has announced the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency will end May 11, 2023. COVID-19 prevention and precautions remain a priority as response programs transitions.


In the months after the end of the public health emergency, many programs that are currently free may be reverting to insurance and/or personal payment for services.


The DHS Division of Public Health Bureau of Communicable Disease (BCD) will continue to monitoring COVID-19 in Wisconsin.


COVID-19 vaccines will still be available free of charge until the federally purchased supply is depleted. For more information, click here

COVID-19 Data

COVID-19 Resources

To report a public health emergency or communicable disease after hours, please contact Clark County Dispatch at (715) 743-3157.

Our office is closed on significant holidays & days of recognition. Please click here for more information.  

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