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Men's Club Truck Pull

Friday Night @ 7:00PM Grandstand


Truck classes 2023

  • 6200 street altered 4x4truck contact Steve green 715-305-7177 6200 super stock 4x4 truck contact Donny Crothers 715-743-3239

  • 6200 mod 4x4truck contact Donny Crothers

  • 2.6 desiel 4x4 truck contact RayJay Rindt 715-560-0627

  • Light limited super stock tractor contact Luke Rindt 715-613-4179 ,Chad Zachow 715-613-5130

  • 8000 limited pro stock tractor contact Kevin Andres 715-415-0692

  • More information on midstate pullers of Wisconsin website

Demo Derby

Sunday @ 1:00PM Grandstand

  • Demo derby classes Stock full size Limited weld full size Van and SUV Stock compact/midsize Semi stock compact/midsize Power wheels for kids

  • Pretty car contest

  • Contact Derek Kreitlow for questions 715-937-7676

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