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Duties of the Treasurer / Real Property Lister 
The Clark County Treasurer's office operates under the rules and regulations stated in the Wisconsin Statutes as well as the County Board and Wisconsin Department of Revenue. The treasurer is a member of the Wisconsin County Treasurer's Association and the Wisconsin Real Property Listers Association. The county treasurer is also the real property lister for the county. 

Some of the major duties of the office are: 

  • Calculate mill rates and produce tax bills and tax rolls after verifying levies for all 46 municipalities

  • Collect delinquent and current real estate taxes. Furnish statements as requested and respond to all inquiries regarding taxes, assessed values, fair market values, and lottery credit

  • Do monthly and quarterly reports for state, such as sales tax, court fines, real estate transfer fees, probate fees, etc

  • Furnish assessors with their forms, work rolls and completed assessment rolls. Make all changes submitted by the assessor on values, land classifications, etc.

Mission Statement 
It is the mission of the Treasurer / Real Property Lister to serve the taxpayers of Clark County by efficiently maintaining accurate parcel descriptions and assessment and tax roll information. 
  • Keep accurate listings of all real estate parcels in the county, of which there are approximately 33,000

  • Make changes to parcel records for all property transfers recorded with the Register of Deeds office, as well as parcel and description changes due to recorded plats and certified survey maps

  • Post all payments collected by local treasurer in December and January and do tax settlements by February 20 each year

  • Receipting all money collected by the county, either directly from the public for taxes or through direct deposit and departmental deposits for such things as state aids or fees for services

  • Reconcile bank statements and balance monthly to records kept by the Department of Administration

  • Take care of entire tax deed procedure including the issuance of the tax certificates on September 1 of each year, the publication of the redemption notice, the title search and official notification of lien holders, and the eventual sale of the property

  • Verify and sign all checks processed by Department of Administration and keep daily receipt / disbursement journals

Treasurer Office  |  517 Court Street, Room 302  |  Neillsville, WI  54456  |  (715) 743-5155
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