Frequently asked questions

Will the online mapping illustrate my property lines?

No. While, the available online mapping is a good source for a visual overview of your property, it is still just a representation. While accurate parcel mapping is a major goal, there is still an element of error that can be significant. The only accurate method of establishing property boundaries is through a survey conducted by a licensed surveyor.

How current is the property data?

The ownership information available on the Land Information website is updated intermittently and is not always contemporary. The best way to determine up-to-date property ownership information is to contact the Clark County Treasurer’s Office or the Treasurer's website.

How current is the aerial photography?

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources included Clark County, in a regional flight, in the fall of 2012. A statewide effort provided photography from spring 2010. The USDA provided photography from the summer of 2013. Earlier photography includes flights from 2005 and 1997. For an inventory of historical photography, please visit theHistoric Aerial Image Finder.

I want to build a pond on my property, do I need a permit?

Under most circumstances, yes; proximity to a navigable stream or lake can require a DNR permit, wetland issues can require a permit from the Army Corps of Engineers, and some towns require a permit. Contact the Clark County Planning and Zoning Department for specific information relative to your project.

Are certain types of sewer systems “grandfathered in” and considered legal?

No, all sewer systems must meet current regulations. A system not meeting current regulations is considered a failing system.

Do I need a sanitary permit for a residence or cabin with no plumbing installed?

Yes. A county sanitary permit to install a sanitation system is required. A sanitation system is a vault or pit privy, composting toilet, chemical toilet, or an incinerating toilet.

I received a letter from my bank stating that I need flood insurance, can you help me?

There are situations where applications can be submitted to FEMA for removal of a property or structure from the floodplain (and insurance requirement). Contact the Clark County Planning and Zoning Department for information on the process.

Is the ordinary high water mark and the 100-year flood boundary the same thing?

No. The OHWM is the point on the bank or shore where water, by its presence, wave action or flow, leaves a distinct mark on the shore or bank. This mark may be indicated by erosion, change from aquatic to terrestrial vegetation, or other characteristic. The 100-year flood boundary is a mapped delineation of the area that has a 1 percent chance of being flooded in any given year.

How do I get a rural address or fire number?

You must apply to the Clark County Planning and Zoning Department for the number. The number will be determined, provided to the 911 dispatch center, and the sign ordered. The sign is delivered to the town which has responsibility for the installation.

Is Clark County zoned?

Clark County has a mosaic of county and town zoning. Contact the Clark County Planning and Zoning Department for information on the type of zoning that applies to your property.

What are the signs that say Survey Monument Nearby?

State statute requires that four witness monuments be set to perpetuate a section corner position. Each sign is placed by the witness monument and also indicates that a section corner monument is nearby. Witness monuments are not property boundaries.

I am going to sell some land, does it have to be surveyed?

Existing parcels or 40’s do not have to be surveyed. Creation of a new parcel that is 10 acres or less requires a survey. View the private surveyors for a listing of surveyors that do work in Clark County.

Can I get coordinates, latitude and longitude, for my property corners?

No, the county works in a county coordinate system and not latitude and longitude.