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Your Input Needed on the Future of Clark County’s Parks

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Clark County’s parks and outdoor recreation opportunities are important to the quality of life of residents and our tourism economy. According to Clark County Parks & Programs Manager Nate Beaver, “With our lakes, eight campgrounds, extensive trail systems, the Bruce Mound Winter Sports Area, and over 134,000 acres of County Forest lands, Clark County is blessed with a wealth of outdoor recreation opportunities for all seasons.”

To continue the County’s goal of providing quality outdoor recreation opportunities for residents and visitors, the Forestry & Parks Department is seeking your input for an update to the Clark County Outdoor Parks & Recreation Plan. Your input will help the County understand how residents and visitors use the County’s recreational facilities, along with potential opportunities for future parks and improvements.

An online survey is available at:

The survey will be available through December 20th. Help us make Clark County an even better place to live, work, and play! Contact the Clark County Forestry & Parks Department for additional information at 715-743-5140.

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