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Notification of Non-Candidacy for Clark County Board of Supervisors

Updated: 5 days ago

Pursuant to Wis Stat. §8.10(2)(am) a notice of non-candidacy has been filed in the Office of County Clerk by:

Ann Molitor, County Board Supervisor, District 2.  District 2 encompasses Village of Dorchester and Town of Mayville, Ward 1.

Wayne Hendrickson, County Board Supervisor, District 16.  District 16 encompasses Town of Colby Ward 3, Town of Unity and the Village of Unity.

William Rueth, County Board Supervisor, District 18.  District 18 encompasses Town of Loyal, Town of Sherman Ward 1 and Town of York Ward 2.

Frieda Rollins, County Board Supervisor, District 21.  District 21 encompasses Town of Fremont Ward 1 and Town of Lynn Ward 1.

Maps of the district can be found on the county website or by contacting the County Clerk.

Candidates have until January 2, 2024 to file the necessary paperwork to get on the April ballot.

Christina Jensen, County Clerk


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