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Clark County COVID Update

Neillsville, WI. Clark County continues to work through issues and concerns regarding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) response. On November 5, 2020 Clark County officials issued a notice that access to County facilities would be restricted and exterior doors would be locked. The decision has been made to ease these restrictions and routine access to facilities will resume on January 21, 2021 with the exception of the Clark County Rehabilitation and Living Center (CCRLC). Those with business at CCRLC should contact them directly for instructions regarding access at their facility.

“We are asking for the public’s assistance to help in efforts to contain spread of the current pandemic. We are asking the public to avoid non-essential visits to county offices and facilities including the Courthouse, Highway Department, and Adult Development Services.” Stated Christina Jensen, Clark County Clerk and Administrative Coordinator. Please use alternate means of communicating with County agencies such as telephone, email, U.S Mail, etc. to conduct business where possible. Questions related to possible changes in service and methods of contact should be directed by telephone to the agency/office you need to make contact with.

If you need to visit a County facility you are required to wear a face covering such as a cloth mask unless you have a condition which prevents it. If you have symptoms associated with COVID-19 you should conduct your business through alternate means and avoid in person visits.

This is a challenging time for everyone and cooperation with these guidelines is appreciated. Providing essential services while doing what we can to help limit the spread of COVID-19 is a priority. Again, if you have questions about services we encourage you to call the agency/office you need to contact before arriving unannounced if possible. Additional updates and information can be found on the Clark County website at:

Christina M. Jensen

County Clerk/Administrative Coordinator

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