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Emergency Vehicles

Emergency Preparedness

Through a collaborative connection with local, regional and state responders, the Clark County Health Department is prepared to respond to public health emergencies.  This is done with a detailed plan of action and a system of communication with all communities in Clark County.  These emergencies include but are not limited to: responding to disease outbreaks, informing the public of these outbreaks and how to protect themselves and others, investigating the outbreak to determine the source and who may be at risk, managing infected and potentially infected persons by enforcing isolation and quarantine policies, and providing treatment and vaccination to people at risk.

The Clark County Health Department wants to ensure that you are informed and prepared for public health emergencies within Clark County. 

In the event of a public health emergency (during business hours), contact the health department at 715-743-5105. If you need to report a public health emergency during non-business hours, please call 911. 

Check out this link for information on what you can do to prepare for a potential emergency:

To report a public health emergency or communicable disease after hours, please contact Clark County Dispatch at (715) 743-3157.

Our office is closed on significant holidays & days of recognition. Please click here for more information.  

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