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Payments to the Court

Paying Court Costs, Fines & Fees Online 
There are two options for paying court costs, fines and fees online. Please read the following information carefully. 



  • Paying Through Government Payment Services (GPS)
    The Clark County Clerk of Courts accepts credit or debit card payments through Government Payment Services (GPS), a third party agency. Payment can be made using Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover Credit or debit cards. Payments may be made online or by phone at (888) 604-7888, 24 hours a day. A service fee will be added to the amount of fees paid. Payments can be made for the following items: 

    • Attorney fees

    • Citations

    • Copy and search fees

    • Costs

    • Fines

    • Guardian ad Litem deposits / fees


  • To make payments through GPS, you will need: 

    • Citation number or case number

    • Pay location code: 5014

    • Payment amount

    • Violation date

    • Issuing Agency 

    • Your credit or debit card information 


Payment Plan Requests


Payment Plan Request

Requests for payment plans must be in writing to the Clerk of Courts office. 


Payment Plan Information

You may use the following form to request a payment plan: 
Payment Plan Request Form 

Return this completed form by mail or in person to:

Clark County Circuit Court

517 Court Street, Room 405
Neillsville, WI  54456-1977


A payment plan fee based on the amount of your fine will be assessed to your payment plan.

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