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Wildcat Mound Park

Admission Fee: Park use is free. County forest camping registration available at this location. County forest camping is $7.00/night. 


  • County Forest Camping Registration

  • Drinking Water (hand pump)

  • Hiking Trail Access

  • ATV/UTV Trail Access

  • Vault Toilets

Located in the Town of Mentor, Section 25, Wildcat Forest Road. Wildcat Mound is a spectacular feature in southwest Clark County. Wildcat offers hiking opportunities that provide outstanding scenic vistas and a popular spot during fall color; in addition county forest camping registration is available at this location. 

While it is very little known, Wildcat Park has some of the most scenic and extraordinary hiking for hundreds of miles around. Within minutes of the trailhead, sandstone bluffs and cliff-faces are found in a pristine location and condition. For individuals or groups looking to gain a quick escape to a naturally beautiful area, Wildcat offers one of the best scenic retreats in central Wisconsin.

Wildcat Mound is found in the heart of Wildcat Park.  To find Wildcat Park, please navigate to the location labeled on this website and look for "Wildcat Mound".  The actual park does not show up on most mapping websites because the remote nature of its physical street address. Wildcat Mound is not an established campground with campsites. Some people choose to county forest camp utilizing self-registration. If you need further direction please contact the park office at: 715-743-5140.

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