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Levis/Trow Mounds Recreation Area provides more than 41 miles of scenic trail. Levis Mound is the single largest trail system devoted to hiking opportunities, in Clark County. Hiking can be especially rewarding in the spring and fall when emerging plant life and autumn colors abound. A 1.5 mile segment is designed as a self guided nature study trail with 15 stations that review a variety of natural resource features.

Favorite Trails
Ascending the Levis/Trow Mounds include: North Face (overlooking a deep ravine and traverses to the northwest point of the mound), Cliffhanger, Toad Road and Upper Hermosa and Hermosa (which scale the ridge tops of Trow Mound, provide great views of the surrounding county forest). Another challenge is Goat Dance, a 3 mile hike located just to the northwest of Trow Mound.

Facilities include large parking areas, water, flush toilets and showers. Several picnic areas are located along the trail and at the Levis Mound Visitor Center. Rest benches are located on several scenic points of interest and scattered throughout the trail system.


  • Hikers should be aware that some trails are steep and footing is loose.

  • Other trail and forest users may be present and hiking is not recommended during the gun deer season.

  • Hiking/Walking on any groomed winter trail is prohibited.  This includes Ski and Single track trails.

  • Hiking/Walking in the winter is allowed on all non-groomed trails.

  • Dogs must be on a leash not exceeding 8 feet in length and under immediate control.

  • Public buildings are off limits to pets.

Other Hiking Opportunities
Hiking is allowed throughout the Clark County Forest. There are many trails that crisscross the nearly 135,000 acres of county forest lands in Clark County. Clark County has over 160 miles of trails, plus logging access trails and hunter trails that allow hiking at various skill levels. Hiking opportunities also exist at Wildcat Mound (3 miles) and Rock Dam (4 miles).

Hikers are not charged a trail pass fee to use the trails.

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