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It is the mission of the Corporation Counsel to provide professional and ethical civil representation and counsel to the Clark County Board of Supervisors, Clark County Committees, and county agencies, as well as develop and apply risk management strategies on behalf of the County. 

Corporation Counsel 


  • Child Support Enforcement

  • Paternity Establishment 

  • Development and Enforcement of County Ordinance Violations 

  • Juvenile in Need of Protection and Services Cases (JIPS)

  • Child in Need of Protection and Services Cases (CHIPS)

  • Termination of Parental Rights (TPR)

  • Juvenile Guardianship

  • Adult Guardianship and Protective Placement Cases 

  • Involuntary Mental Health Commitments and Recommitment 

  • Delinquent Tax Foreclosures

  • Contract development and review 

  • Other Civil Litigation 

  • Policy, procedure, and risk management advisement to the County Board and their Committees


Serving the County 

The Office of the Corporation Counsel strives to achieve an open-door policy to be available to the County Board, subcommittees, and County agencies/departments in need of legal advice, opinions, or representation. The Office of Corporation Counsel represents the interests of the County, and is unable to provide representation or give legal advice to any individual or third party.   

517 Court Street, Room 202  |  Neillsville, WI  54456  |  (715) 743-5223
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