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Office of the Coroner

Clark County Coroner  |  517 Court Street  |  Neillsville, WI  54456

Office of the Coroner 

The office of the coroner is located on the third floor of the Clark County Courthouse in Neillsville. Calls for service are usually made through the Clark County Sheriff’s Department. The office of the coroner is comprised of three deputies who are able to respond to a call in the event that the coroner is unavailable. 

The coroner’s office strives to maintain a high level of professionalism when dealing with concerns of families at a very trying time. In the case of an accident, the coroner or a deputy coroner will make contact with the family in person. The office of the coroner attempts to aid families with difficult tasks during this time by offering to make phone calls, contact clergy, or provide contacts for support groups. 

Cases for the Coroner 
The coroner is notified of all deaths in which there are unexplained, unusual, or suspicious circumstances; such as homicides, suicides, and abortions. All deaths due to poisoning or induced poisoning (whether homicide, suicide, or accidental) are reported. The coroner must be notified of deaths that are caused by accidents if the person had not seen a physician within the last 30 days or if the accident involved a fall or fracture. In some cases, the coroner must order an autopsy to determine cause of death in order to put his signature on the death certificate. 

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