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  1. Identification: Clark County Sheriff’s Office

  2. Contact Person: Sheriff Scott Haines

  3. Title: Sheriff of Clark County

  4. Address: 517 Court Street, Neillsville, WI 54456

  5. Telephone Number: 715-743-5157



The Clark County Sheriff’s Office current program utilizes K9s and found them to be an invaluable resource in crime control and prevention in our county and neighboring jurisdictions.  The Clark County Sheriff’s Office K9 program is based in Clark County and primarily serves the citizens of Clark County.  In the past, our agency has helped local organizations by providing demonstrations for many volunteer and community-based programs.  While the K9 unit itself does not directly use many volunteers, as stated above, we do serve many volunteer organizations.


The Sheriff’s Office K9 units work within the county and the surrounding area to provide the best and most efficient response to K9 needs and requests.


After the initial funding is received for the K9, the Sheriff’s Office relies on ongoing budgeting and fundraising to keep the K9 unit running.  By budgeting and fundraising, there is a minimal amount of tax money needed.


By nature, the K9 units and their handlers are an invaluable part of patrol, and having them has paid off in the safe resolution of many incidences through the years.  An example of an important role is the detection of illegal drugs in Clark County.  Many times, when a suspect is found with controlled substances, it sometimes starts a process in which they are held accountable for their actions.  Some people use this interaction as a “wake up” call and begin to make positive changes in their lives.  Of course, this is not always the case, but it does happen, and we have seen people in the past get a clean start and help others in similar situations.


Clark County is not immune from the illegal drug epidemic and all the crime associated with illegal drug use and sales.  By using the K9s to help reduce the negative impact, illegal drugs have on our citizens as a whole we have found in the last 8 years of having a K9 unit that our citizens realize there is an issue with illegal drugs in our county.  When that happens you will often see the Citizens come together for the greater good.  We also see this in the search and rescue aspect of the K9 program.  When our K9s are used to assist other agencies in the location of missing people, a lost hunter, or a missing child that wandered off, this provides a great opportunity for everyone to work together for the greater good.


Closeup of a Black Dog




The need for K9s is undeniably in the best interest of the citizens of Clark County.  These K9s have had a positive impact on our citizens and will continue to do so for years to come.


The Clark County Sheriff’s Office can continue its fight against illegal drug use/sales and reduce drug-related crimes/activities in our county.  With the knowledge that K9’s are active in Clark County, many people involved in the drug trade simply avoid the area.  With an active K9 and K9 handler, we can remove a substantial amount of illegal narcotics off the streets and continue to make a presence in public and our school system.


Taking illegal narcotics off the street is a benefit for everyone.  It creates a better quality of life and a safer environment for our children to grow.  When we locate a missing person or a lost child, it cannot help but make the citizens feel better knowing that the resource your foundation provided for the citizens of Clark County, is there should they or their family ever need to utilize it.


Our K9’s primary service is to the Citizens of Clark County.  We also will respond when our neighboring counties need help.  We have used our K9s in surrounding counties and in many different capacities.  We use them in the cities, towns, and villages within Clark County and surrounding counties.


The Clark County Sheriff's Office K9 unit has been in existence since approximately 2011.  This was the time we introduced Clark County’s first dual-purpose patrol K9.  In the years that followed two more dual-purpose K9s were brought on board.  We have been successfully managing the program to date and hope to continue on.  We have leadership that supports the K9 units and great support within the Sheriff’s Office.  We will continue managing the program in the most efficient and effective manner possible.


The K9 unit is monitored internally within the Sheriff’s Office by Supervisory staff.  This is the way we have been conducting business and our success rate will continue as we are now.  It is a specialized unit and we have staff in place with knowledge in this area who help make it run as effectively as possible.


We are requesting these funds for a one-time purchase of a K9 and the equipment needed to implement a new K9.  The ongoing expenses will be covered by money budgeted for health care and feeding of the K9s.  Some of this is covered during ongoing fundraising efforts and donations as the unit works.


The Clark County Sheriff's Office has a new Comfort K9 that was donated to us from Blueberry Cottage Labradoodles, Osseo, WI.  Haven is currently in training and one of the most lovable members of our staff.  She has already contributed in her own way to the wellness of our staff by helping reduce stress.


Once trained, we hope to work with her in the field with domestic violence victims or other situations where there is trauma or stress, especially in children. The program is new.  In the future, we hope to introduce Haven to schools, nursing homes, picnics, and other events to build relationships.

Dog Treats in Bowl

Help Us Purchase a K9

We are requesting these funds for a one-time purchase of a K9 and the equipment needed to implement a new K9.  The ongoing expenses will be covered by money budgeted for health care and feeding of the K9s.  Some of this is covered during ongoing fundraising efforts and donations as the unit works.

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