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ADS | Adult Development Services | Greenwood, WI

Providing Quality Rehabilitative Work Services

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Engineers and Businesspeople

ADS Mission Statement

"To use the experience of work to assist individuals in reaching their highest potential."

Adult Development Services
302 S. Jones Street
P.O. Box 66
Greenwood, WI  54437

Phone: 715-267-7228
Fax: 715-267-3125

ADS has been providing work services to adults with disabilities of Clark County since 1972. Centrally located in Greenwood, WI, our diverse vocational programs provide a variety of opportunities for those who choose to work. In addition to being a service provider for Inclusa and other managed care organizations, ADS works with individuals funded by self-directed supports, Clark County Community Services, DVR, private payers, and out of county agencies.

Work plays a fundamental role in all of our lives. It contributes to an individual's sense of self worth and empowers people to fully participate and contribute to their communities. ADS feels that the opportunity to work should be available to anyone choosing to participate.

ADS makes use of out-sourced products and services from area businesses, as well as proprietary products, to provide individuals with paid work options. All compensation is done in strict compliance with state and federal regulatory guidelines.

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